Music Everywhere I Go!

    I just got back from a business trip in the Dallas-Fort Wirth Texas area and had a wonderful time. My business associate insisted on us going out to some different clubs to party and dance the night away at. At first the responsible part of me said, “NO” we need to stay focused on the task at hand and I don’t want to have a hangover during our important presentation in the morning. That’s when my friend said, “YOLO” (you only live once) and said I know of a great new club I discovered that only plays electric and house style music to dance to. He could tell I was still reluctant, so he paused for a minute and said, “I tell you what, I will throw in a limousine ride to escort us through the night if you are willing!” Needless to say my friend is very well to do in life. So I really was having a hard time remaining responsible at his point. So I thought I could stump him with a simple question. I proceeded to ask, ok fine, but where are we going to get a limo last minute this late at night?

    My business buddy said, “that is your only reservation? I use Lewisville Limousine ( all the time for these exact type of situations! Do you really think I would make such an offer if I couldn’t produce?” At this point I felt really sheepish and trapped knowing I had no more excuses left in my arsenal. So we called up the limo company and they actually answered after hours and were at the curb waiting for us within a half of an hour. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed. The driver was funny and outgoing and took us wherever we wanted to go. I felt like we were living the movie, “The Hangover” for a minute there. That is why I am even giving them a shameless plug in my blog. Anyways, the limo and club hopping experience was incredible and made my trip the most exciting and fun part of the whole visit.

    Dancing the Samba in Brazil

    First things first, let me introduce myself….I am one of Maurice’s good friends, Tina.  He asked me to do a guest blog about my adventure to Brazil.  Back in May of 2013, a friend of mine named Robyn and I traveled to Brazil for the month.  We were both turning twenty-three while we were in Brazil and up for an amazing time and adventure.  We honestly didn’t know who we were going to stay with when we arrived but were not really worried about it.  We had both lived in Fortaleza Brazil for some time and had a lot of friends who could help us find a place to stay.  We had two guy friends, Jeremy and Witt showing up from Utah in a couple of days and would meet up with them and then continue our adventure down the coast of Brazil.

    I ended up running into a friend of my brother’s on the airplane flight from Atlanta Georgia to Sao Paulo Brazil.  His name is Jason.  Jason was traveling with a friend to Sao Paulo Brazil for his own adventure!  So here is a random side note, Robyn and I were traveling with buddy passes.  We ended up getting bumped up on this flight to first class!  It was amazing flying first class on a buddy pass.  Jason and his friend ended up coming up to first class and hanging out with us for a little bit until they got caught and sent back to their seats.

    We arrived in Sao Paulo and had hours until the next flight to Fortaleza so we decided to look up an old friend.  We were able to hang out with this friend and he and his wife were gracious enough to drive us to the airport to catch our flight.  Funny story though…we booked our flight and then missed our flight because we are not used to military time and didn’t put two and two together until it was too late.  The airport attendants were so kind and helped us get a new flight the next morning and they helped us find a hotel, across the street so we wouldn’t miss our next flight, the next morning.

    We made it to Fortaleza and took a cab to Cynthia’s house.  When we knocked on the door she was so so so so surprised as she had no clue we were even coming to Brazil!  She asked us where we were staying and when we told her we were not sure, she said we could stay with her and her grandma.  They were such sweet hearts!  Some of my favorite Brazilians by far!

    Okay, on to the more exciting part of our excursion to Brazil.  I know you are probably wondering what does any of this have anything to do with the samba and Brazil?  Well, you don’t have to worry…I’ll get to that!  So our friends showed up a few days later and came to Cynthia’s house and spent the night.  Soon after they arrived, we left for Recife.  As we traveled with Jeremy and his friend, Witt, Robyn and I realized we were not having any fun and we were stuck doing what Jeremy and his friend wanted to do.  Robyn and I just wanted to chill and relax.  We wanted to enjoy Brazil, the people, the food, etc..  After a few days with Jeremy and Witt, we decided to head back to Fortaleza to hang out with our friends.  We were so done traveling with those two.  This is when the party truly started.

    When we returned to Cynthia’s she was once again surprised but welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to stay with her once again.  Robyn and I got to go with a group of friends to the Beach Park in Fortaleza which is a water park.  We had a blast there!  Robyn and I both had guys hitting on us.  Robyn ended up hooking up with Vladimir and Lyilton (I’m not sure how to spell it) sure wanted to hook up with me but my friends saved me as I wasn’t interested one bit.

    One day, we were talking to Cynthia and thinking of some places to visit and we came across Jericoacoara in Robyn’s Brazil travel book.  Robyn decided she really wanted to go and so I decided that we should go!  It was totally spur of the moment but we found out there was a bus leaving in like an hour so we quickly packed our backpacks and tried catching a cab.  With no luck at all, we finally caught a mototaxi.  We were so pressed for time to make it to the bus station in time so we didn’t miss the bus to Jericoacoara.  We got there just in the nick of time to buy our bus tickets and get on the bus.  We traveled on the bus through the night and when we arrived in Prea we had to take a Jeri shuttle to travel 12 kilometer to Jericoacoara.  The only way to get to Jericoacoara was by shuttle which took you 12 kilometers along the coast.

    We got there early in the morning and checked into a hotel and met a lady who was going on a dune buggy ride and she wanted to split the tab.  We decided to go with her on a dune buggy excursion to the Lagoa Azul the lagoa of agua doce or sweet lake.

    We enjoyed a few hours there and then returned on the buggy to Jeri.  Our dune buggy driver asked us if we wanted to see the pedra furada which is a famous point on the beach that you can get to by foot, horse or buggy.  We decided to stop and look around and then return to Jeri on foot.  When we returned we enjoyed a delicious meal at one of the restaurants.

    We then hiked up the dunes to watch the sun set.  We were taking in the beauties around us when I saw some guys sand boarding.  I asked my friend Robyn if she would sand board with me if these guys would let us borrow their sand board and take a couple of runs down the dunes.  She said she would, so we headed over to these two guys.  There names were Tony and Michael.  Tony was 18 and Michael a couple years younger.  They let us borrow their sand board.  I guess they were really impressed with my sand boarding skills.  Tony definitely showed some interest in me and Michael showed some interest in my friend Robyn but she was only like seven years older than him.  Tony and Michael asked if we were going to go to the dance club and so we found out some more information and said that we probably would end up going because it sounded like something fun to do!

    After we headed down the dunes to the beach where we saw a group doing capoeira.  We enjoyed that for a little while and then we were invited by some Brazilian guys to get a soda and the soda shop.  It was hilarious because they invited us and then we ended up paying for our own sodas.  These guys also invited us to the dance club that night and we told them we’d look for them.

    We got to the dance club and Tony and Michael found us right away.  Now Robyn and I love to dance and get our groove on but I would say that Robyn is more coordinated than I am.  Tony asked me to dance and I just don’t swing my hips like Robyn can.  I was struggling to get it down but it was fun and the music and atmosphere was amazing.  Tony and I were talking and he wouldn’t let me go…he kept on wanting to dance with me, song after song.  I’d break away to find Robyn and do some group dancing but the next thing I knew Tony would be there grabbing my hand to dance.

    At one point, I was looking for Robyn and one of the guys from the soda shop had asked her to dance.  She wasn’t interested in him and was trying to steer clear of him.  She knew right where to find me though because Tony wouldn’t leave my side, she found us dancing.  As time passed, Tony and I were dancing again and Robyn and Michael were dancing.  Tony and I were talking about my studies at the university.  I told him what I was majoring in and I guess he was just really into me because the next thing I knew his tongue was in my mouth and we were kissing.  Before I realized what was happening, I realized I was kissing him back.  When I finally got a chance to pull away I stopped dancing and found Robyn on the side of the dance floor talking to Michael.  I went to her hoping she would rescue me.  After that Tony wanted to find somewhere to go and get me alone so we could talk some more and probably so he could get some more action.  We went outside the dance club and talked.  He kept trying to kiss me.  I told him I wasn’t that kind of girl.  The one night stand kind of girl.  I wouldn’t kiss him anymore even though he kept trying to talk me into it.  Robyn and Michael finally found us outside.  Robyn decided she was done for the night and Tony was trying to talk Michael into walking Robyn back to our hotel so I could hang out with him some more.  I decided I was ready to head back to the hotel too and Robyn and I didn’t think it was a good idea to split up.  So we said good night and gave the guys hugs and then headed back to our hotel.

    Wow kissing Tony was intense.  My face hurt.  My lips hurt and were on fire.  I felt guilty for kissing him because I had never kissed a guy upon first meeting him.  I laid there, with hurt lips beating myself up for what had just happened.  Now dancing on the other hand was a blast!  The music was great!  It was fun that I always had a dance partner…the whole time we were at the dance club, but the way the night ended was not the way I wanted it to end.

    I wanted to dance the night away which we pretty much did….we returned back to our hotel about 2 in the morning. Dancing with Brazilians was so much fun and Tony was so kind and patience with me and my lack of coordination but I gave it my best shot and really enjoyed our night at the dance club with Robyn!

    I just want to quickly thank Maurice for letting me write this blog.  Writing this has allowed me to reminisce about this wonderful adventure to Brazil and Jericoacoara!  Thanks Maurice!





    Dance The Day Away

    So, I love to listen to music.  Who does not enjoy music, right?  I would listen all day and night long if I could! Are you the type to get your groove on if you hear a fun song that makes you want to dance?  One of my daughters will start dancing if she hears music.  Today, I was working from home on my computer listening to some Jack Johnson and my children were in the room.  I did not have the volume up very loud but I turned it up and I told them to dance to the music and they agreed and started dancing.  One of my daughters absolutely loves to dance.  I catch her dancing all of the time.  I could really see her taking off with dance and becoming a really good dancer.  She just turned five and is so graceful and cute when she shakes her booty.  She and my seven year old started to do this fun little routine together.  I wonder if they learned it together in their ballet class.  Later in the day, I caught them dancing together twirling one another.

    A Story To Share

    I wanted to touch up on a previous blog that was shared about music and sobriety and thought it would be important to share. I also realized that it is therapeutic and healthy for me to purge some of these stories regardless if anyone is actually following along and actually reading any of this. So anyways, back to the point of this story. I was at an outdoor concert venue at an absolutely breathtaking amphitheater nestled in the rocky mountains of beautiful Colorado in a small town called Morrison. Ever heard of it? The amphitheater is actually called Red Rocks Amphitheater. The red solid rocks are what gives it an amazing outdoor sound and reverberation. I would highly recommend you put that venue on your bucket list prior to not being able to enjoy a good music concert.

    So long story short I was now almost 4 years clean and sober and therefore felt extremely safe about going to the show with full confidence I would be able to stay out of trouble. And before I share the whole moral of the story, I will just tell you now unless you don’t want to hear so cover your eyes as a spoiler alert is going off. I stayed clean and sober the entire time. But here is what the problem was. I was suddenly ambushed by a fellow individual in the crowed. He asked if I could hold his beer and pipe loaded to the brim with high grade THC in it. My mouth started to water and I felt that Lucifer himself placed this man in front of me. The stupid thing is that I actually grabbed the items for him and did hold them. There was no thought to the dangers associated with even touching the substances. I learned really quick then that it is always a good idea to use the buddy system; especially at a concert. So moral of the story now. Don’t think you have your addiction licked just because you have some clean time behind the belt. I eventually handed back the times to the gentleman and had to literally leave the side of the amphitheater we were on in order to preserve what matters most to me. So in ending, I ask…what is most important for you?

    As always, stay in close contact with us and share some of your faith building experiences on here too. feel free to email me anytime as well.


    At Your Request!

    We wanted to make sure our loyal followers know that we are back in the saddle again. It has been a while since we were last live. And yes, while it is obvious that we are no longer a online radio station, it is true that we still have the same love and passion and community minded affinity to you all as we do for Panama and all of its fun loving and amazing people. You see music runs deep with the history and people of Panama. It is definitely a way of life and passion for us. A sense of belonging. It is the glue that binds us and helps create memories and form our culture on a daily basis. I can remember the first time I learned how to Salsa, or my first school dance. When you are young, socializing through dances is a very big deal! We always looked forward to prom and homecoming and practiced showing off our moves months in advance. I also can remember working extra jobs to save up money to make sure I was able to impress my date. But that’s enough of that for now. What I wanted to bring back to focus before I go any further off track is the public notice that we are large and in charge bringing you the community minded in full effect. As previously mentioned throughout this website,we completely value you and your thoughts and contributions to be a part of us. Please do not hesitate to comment or contact me directly to have your personal content to this blog. I can share the stage at least for a little bit of time. ;)  If you have any questions or concerns, again, please don’t be shy. I know I am not perfect but also know how can I improve if nobody brings issues to my attention. Come and visit us again really soon and stay in contact now you here?!


    Hit The Ground Running!

    Welcome to the new website of the one and only! We are excited to continue providing you with quality reviews and lists of amazing new hits of electronic, dance and house music. So stay close to this blog and check in often.

    Something else we would like to do here is become more of a family friendly website blog thingy here where we can not stick only to all things house and dance music even though we all know we love it so. But we also hope that we can share some experiences and stories that help us bond and grow together as a community. Perhaps to start things off we could talk about the power of music and what it means to you. I can personally share a time in my life where I know that music saved my life and continues to do so today.

    You see I have a colorful past where I got mixed in with drugs and alcohol from a very young age! Music was my life but in a backwards and twisted kind of way where I allowed music (concerts, raves, etc.) to become my GOD. I lived for opportunities to party and dance the night away. Until I became really close to dying from all of the excessive drug and alcohol use.